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You don't implement a pension plan without a just reason. It serves a purpose. With our group pension advice approach, we tailor the pension to the goals you set. We always work together with you to look at the goals for you personally and your company and make the pension work for you and not the other way around.

Impact on your organization

We make sure you understand why our recommended solutions are relevant to your situation. We do this by showing you how the advice achieves the underlying goals. Only in this way does it provide the peace of mind that a good retirement solution can contribute.

Technically accurate

A group pension plan must be well put together. In our recommendations, we take into account the fiscal, legal, mathematical and employment conditions aspects. We do this both in depth and in width. Only if all the above aspects are in order and coordinated can the pension really work for you.

"Looking for a pension plan for our organization, we came into contact with Dolf Wietzema Menkhorst of NLPensioen. His clear explanation of the complex pension matter, his knowledge and pragmatic approach gave us a good feeling. Within a short period of time, Dolf has created a suitable pension plan, which our employees (and we as an organization) are happy with."

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